Nouvelle Vague ArtSpaces (NVA) is an alternative concept gallery with a radical chic program, based in the industrial area of Marbella, Spain.

NVA is a creative lab, an experimental and ever changing art space open to artistic expression and exchange. The intrinsic mission of NVM is to contribute culturally to the region through a pioneering program of exhibitions.

The space responds to exhibition spaces that surpass the idea of the white cube. We represents upcoming artists from all over the world, with a particular attention to new voices from North Africa and the Middle East.

Launched in July 2019, NVA +1 is a new space that serves as a platform for special projects related to artist residencies, performances, video and art installs. For the 2020 season we are proposing a totally new digital residency program that offers artists full creative control over gallery’s feed for one month in conjunction with VR shows in our new digital gallery.

The space proposes the bi- monthly event the ‘Artist’s Dining Room’ with discussions and art talks. We also offer the opportunity for all artistic practitioners to rent the space for pop up shows and mini events.

The space was opened in April 2018 with the inaugural group show ‘Supermercado’ #01. The concept was developed by Camilla and Firouz FarmanFarmaian and is now part of the creative community ‘We R the Nomads’

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